1st International Quality Forum 2014

"Harmonising and Integrating Quality Improvement approaches in the context of health systems"

The 2014 International Quality Forum used country examples to explore harmonisation and integration quality improvement initiatives as well as establishing a link to health systems strengthening.

The proliferation of different quality improvement (QI) approaches, and the need to adapt them into local country and organisational contexts, has been highlighted by several researchers (Atun 2012; Massoud et. al. 2012; Sax & Marx 2013). The need for clarifying differences and similarities in QI approaches, in order to maximise their benefits, is also a topic of debate in the literature (Walsche 2009, Tawfik 2010) and in various countries (Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tanzania).

Specifically, the 1st International Quality Forum discussed the following questions:

  • What mechanisms exist to drive this harmonisation?
  • What is the experience of attempts at harmonisation and integration of QI initiatives?
  • Would improved harmonisation of QI approaches have the potential to increase sustainability and strengthen health systems?


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