Dipl.-Kffr. Marsha Fleischer

Marsha Fleischer has worked as a risk consultant at GRB - Gesellschaft für Risiko- Beratung mbH for 15 years. The German company supports healthcare facilities in the prevention of harmful events in patient care.

At the GRB, Marsha Fleischer is responsible for the competence center “development and weighting of prevention measures” based on failure analysis. She supervises GRB’s special assessment instrument (riskala®). With that assessment tool, or rather with the utilized method of analysis, the consultants are able to identify, to evaluate, to manage and to control clinical risks.

Since 2011, Marsha Fleischer together with Prof. Winfried Zinn from the German research group Metrik, has been engaged in finding an indicator that measures patient safety. Meanwhile, the patient safety index of GRB has been developed. Now it is possible for healthcare companies to objectively measure the maturity level of their clinical risk management or of their clinical processes.

Together with Prof. Zinn, Marsha Fleischer wrote a book contribution concerning the patient safety index:

Gausmann, P; Henniger, M.; Koppenberg, J. (Hg.) (2015), Patientensicherheitsmanagement. Kap. 8.5 „Bewertung und Evaluation des klinischen Risikomanagements durch einen Sicherheitsindex“ (Zinn, W.; Fleischer M.). Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter.