Prof. Dr. Joachim Szecsenyi

Prof. Dr. Joachim Szecsenyi  (MD, MSc, Dipl. Soz.) is director of the AQUA-Institute (since 1995), professor and head of the Department of General Practice and Health Services Research at the Heidelberg University Hospital (since 2001). Joachim Szecsenyi holds one degree in medicine and one in social sciences. He has 25 years of experience in the coordination of and participation in quality of care research and health services research, including healthcare providers’ assessment in primary care, hospitals and care networks both at a national and an international level. As such, he has managed teams both in-country and during field work and has collaborated with major stakeholders in healthcare, such as health insurances or ministries of health. Since 2009 he has been advising the projects on cross-sectoral quality assurance and hospital benchmarking mandated by the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss) on methodological issues. His work comprises 10 books and over 250 scientific publications. From 2001-2006 he was president of the European Association for Quality in Primary Care (EQUIP). From 1995-2010 he was involved in the guideline program of the German College of Family Physicians (DEGAM).