Maureen Nafula

Maureen Nafula (BA Pharmacy & MBA) is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute of Health Policy Management & Research, (IHPMR). She is a Johnson & Johnson Fellow in Health Management, and holds various certifications as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, trainer, executive coach and Project Management Professional. Prior to establishing IHPMR, Maureen worked as an independent consultant for a number of organizations including the German Technical Corporation (GTZ), Ministry of Medical Services, State University of New York and the International Finance Corporation.

Maureen has over 20 years work experience and has worked in the private sector, public sector and with development agencies in the East African region. Maureen is the founding Director of the Advanced Healthcare Management Program at Strathmore Business School. She has served as an Advisor to the Ministry of Medical Services to support the Ministry’s efforts in health sector reforms focusing on health financing, commodity management, institutional reforms, healthcare referral strategy and private public partnerships.